Creatures of Light and Darkness MMXIV

by Advent

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Recording was made in 2012 by Gweld Anobaith and Lifestealer. Dedicated to book written by Roger Zelazny.


released October 3, 2014

Gweld Anobaith - guitars, bass, drum programming, keyboard.
Lifestealer - Vocals.




Existencial Delirium Records Russia

Existencial Delirium Records - independent net-label for interesting side of metal music. We are always ready for collaborations.

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Track Name: Shadow of Anubis
The Black Heart of permanent rift,
Makes him a generous, the best gift:
Your message, corpse I have recevied...
Tell me, have you ever lived?
Tearing away heart out of your chest that burning,
Look into my eyes a hound of hell!
Life is destroyed, forever remember turning,
Where over light and I broken your shell!

Let all the world will weep,
While worthless Thoth is sleep!
Raise your sword into the sky,
And fight until you die!

Nothing is left of your tortured soul,
Now only I, Anubis, can be help,
But emptiness; and now, slave, curse all!
I doomed you to transformation into kelp.
But not in vain you've experienced this jail,
But not in vain you became angrier and stronger,
May all my enemies will become pale,
You have suffered much, that would wander.

Corpses hear my voice,
Get to my, and choise!
Soon I will destroy eternity,
On i submit on it paternity!

At last I can destroy that I hate,
Nothing has left, live is deceitful God...
I can finally severing their fate,
His mad speech for ever outlawed...
I'll put myself on throne of Death,
And my rule be full of horrors and blood!
I am monolith! All corpses feeling breath,
I arrived here, "the eternity" as a flood!
Track Name: My Eternal Haze
I opened my eyes,
I consume the worlds!
Always look in the skies,
Soon all will be a pearled!
But again I embodied,
Their sick dreams,
Where I lifted myself up,
Long time ago, I so grim!

My manifest is awful,- The eternal haze!
Give me a way out of this dark maze!
I embodying our common dreams!
I'm losing feeling in this flickering gleams!

I did not know anything,
I just saw the limit...
Opened my black wings,
She forced me to submit!
Open yourself to me,
Forget their old ways,
I want you to see,
How lovely my eternal haze!

Will feast where worlds,
Will join her in the dance,
They will all be a holds,
All will be crying in trance!
In my dreams I added,
Such a wonderful outcome,
Now I am happy and sad,
My haze is already come!

My manifest is immutable - there I thought!
To all now fits the epithet "bought"!
Now I will save, my endless dark,
That would then carry it through eternal arc!
Track Name: The Last Redemption
Sometime I wandered in darkness...
All my ideas, the embodiment of sadness...
I want to open path that is dear to me,
Create the path and finally see...
This world ... What I didn't like ...
The mirror... Like a destiny in the skies...
This full of blood trail in the sky ...
Now I finally got rid of burden and fly!

Now only death,
My abode!
It knocks my breath,
But I'll have to obey!
Now only I,
I know this way,
Serpents of dark,
Sick to obey!

Follow me!
I bring you there,
Where you do not get
Folly and shame!
In the world of the people
Where soul is sterile,
In my kingdom,
Amid grave slabs trill!

Thing you have with nature.
Meet, it is your fall!
I will not tell you that we will then,
Over the edge of redemption!

I never gave myself to lie,
I never called fools to die,
I'm the one who dared to stand up, broken stie,
Break their chains, to commit suicide!
Now, I'm blazing, follow me!
In a world where you will find eternal peace ...
As soon as you are in the graves will avoid,
Fate from which you run to void ...
Track Name: The Eclipse of Osiris
I will open path to my heart,
I'll open there a new part...
Secret ritual designed to discover,
I have to be humble, to cover!

Mist vine wearily to the ground,
I hear this sad, hopeless sound...
A lonely soul eaten, gloomy images,
I carry his burden through the ages!

All that i gave, now totaly lost...
I feel like eclipse, disgusting and frost...
Only at moment as live comes,
I will go, and I'll just finally roam!
Let mortal world like a dark abyss,
For me it will be eternal bliss...
I've created a world where I am king,
Where being that lives... Sadly sing!

Last moments, the last dream ...
I whisper quiet word - redeem!
Now who is right and who has known the dark,
Who can go through this terrible arc?...

And in the world of scraps,
Eternally gray Shall!
I've long been a sharps,
Destroying this wall!
I see my decline,
Drowned it in wine...
I like twilight,
Long chosen my side!
Track Name: Thing that Weeps in the Night
Consumed with sadness soul,
I hear this a terrible growl,
I can not tell you what I saw,
Last thing that flashed it's jaw...
Terrible evil, causing is nothing,
Day comes, it will choose a side,
Nobody knows the truth, it is better bluffing,
Than seen a thing that cries in night...

My fight forever doomed...
Being long exhumed!

Lock him almost impossible,
On our way this obstacle...
But I prefer destroy themselves,
Completely destroyed their health!
I am not allowed by his immortality,
To change our common fate!
Decisions and outcomes of a great plularity,
Now we can help only hate...

Crying and howling infinite,
In my essence ye shall see Trinity.
I'm your last saved,
Before it will erase... Us!

Our infinite consciousness
Allows look beyond a possible ...
There we will see an absolute evil,
In it, we find our salvation.
But what will come next?
Where will be the end of times?
Instead of answering, the mournful howl
Thousands of crippled souls ...
Track Name: Leveling of Instrinsic
For us it makes no difference who was judge
Who will be forgiven, and who destroyed.
Now the value has only a whim,
According to him, I will judge your life!
The light never illuminate you,
Because it will still affect.
Nothing worthy of our petitions,
Everything will be destroyed, even perfect!

Fog at dawn, scatter dust...
Your souls. This is just a consequence of my majesty!

Smile to me the embodiment of sadness,
In my "House of Life" all too well.
In my "House of Death" as soon decline,
We complement each other!
Let the "middle worlds" are only pawns,
In the game what we started ...
And even the "IT" is not able to shake,
We have poured our monuments of steel!

Forever separated,
Everything what connected.
We have created a new world,
Where everything perfect ...

What will happen then it does not matter.
The main thing is that we are a chain.
Now let's create,
Its part of the great world!
Track Name: Manifestation of Decay
One thousand strands of death,
Like a maze of bones, my breath,
Madly, and destroyed forever stopped,
One thousand more than my desire...
One thousand long all agreed,
It has long fostered a new breed...
Ground for hatred and strife,
One thousand cut my soul like a knife...

My opinion has long not matter ...
Brother, look at this madness,
Which is born and dies the universe itself,
Where we are just pawns in a big game ....

Perpetual bonds for captive voids
Now you have to choose,
Whose side will you be now?
And the main question is: how?
Where now aspire?
Who among us was a liar?
One thousand solve it for us,
She's like a suffocating gas ....

Nothing is left of us,
We have absorbed this eternity ...
And let mutable body and mind,
Recreate a world sorrow ...