Half​-​Moon Catatonia

by Truemurrdoom

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Have you ever thought that for every person the whole universe revolves around them? This is the way our mind works. For everyone heir own world, each piece of it brings happiness and is invaluable, and everything else seems not so important. And to save this world in a state of equilibrium, every person is ready to do everything. But often the tragedy, that everyone can experience, irreversibly destroys the foundations of the usual life. The bitterness of losing someone who is dear to you, who shared all joy and sorrow with you, is so heavy and depressing. It doesn’t matter whether it was a man or a speechless creature, simply an animal with the loving heart, but when the cherished piece of the personal world splits off from it and flies away to deep space forever ... You are so hardly willing to return it at any cost, no matter whaich the obstacles, the laws of conscience and everything that binds us to this world are, anything, just to fill in the deep hole in your heart, the emptiness, which does not leave when it is either day or night.
The one of those countless but true stories, which fulfill this sublunary world, was written on paper at a very hazy circumstances...

Once upon a time one lonely man had a cat. This animal was the only and the best friend for him, comforted him by its presence in sorrow and lived through all joys of life together with its owner, when the good things happened in their life. Together two of them were very happy in their own way. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and all the good and the bad comes to an end. And this can not be avoided. Having lived through all of his nine lives, the pet died, leaving the owner alone in this cruel world.

And then there was a terrible contract concluded with the essence of evil that has no name and no face. And a terrible price has been paid, in order to bring back to life the one and only friend in the world. And nine victims were sacrificed, all as They wished.. It all was done as They ordered him to do. And these sacrifices were given to the dark water with the observance of all rituals, which were created by Them. The victim was taken, so he could only wait....

The grey moon throws reflections in the muddy water as it was before. And just as it was before, the waves are washing over rocks at the shore with the indifferent monotonous splash. And it seems as the whole world was like this during millions of years, and will be such in the future... Yes, everything is so. Except the one thing — the world as it was before, is gone forever.

And then something changes in the familiar and seemingly inviolable since the beginning of all time, but in fact such a fragile canvas of the universe...

And the prayer, addressed to Them, ascended over the sublunary world. This prayer was heard. And one of Them came because of the call he heard, came in this defenseless world, crushing everything that had the courage not to keep out of his way. And his face was unspeakably horrible, burning out the eyes of the unwary observer. And his voice was like trumpets of Jericho, it blew up the ears of everyone who heard it. And his flesh turned everything that it touched into nothing. And there was nothing more in a place that he visited. Only sorrow, fiery black darkness and the yawning emptiness.. Many days the earth was burning like everything on and in it and you could hear the groans of the innocent, and pleas for mercy...

The promise was fulfilled. The forces of nature, the undead from the other world and discharges of electricity, together with the science of life returned it to the mummified corpse.. But not for long lasted the return of life in a decrepit body, the pet looked in his master’s eyes for the one last time, and the green eyes of the beast closed forever in an eternal sleep ...

Grey shadows wander through the maze of the universe, woven from the sins of the living. No one can know what form they take every time, but we all know one thing — in search of the new victims they will be merciless to the even purest soul and heir dark craft will prosper, while being itself does not cease to be ...
For evil is eternal.


released July 16, 2013

Herr Akros - guitars, vocal
blackofwitchcat - sampling




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