Advent of Light and Darkness (single)

by Advent

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The last release of Advent put an end to a conceptual trilogy of three first albums. This single is epilogue to this concept, and beginning of the new Advent. Enjoy the beast!


released January 19, 2016

Gweld Anobaith - Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums
Lifestealer - Vocals




Existencial Delirium Records Russia

Existencial Delirium Records - independent net-label for interesting side of metal music. We are always ready for collaborations.

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Track Name: Advent of Light and Darkness
Down to the deep of unknown,
Fate is your deepest darkest foe.
Endless gaze of blackend eyes,
Your soul is sealed in black disguise.

Herald of the colorless fire,
I will create that I desire.
Black is settled; light of Amoth.
But I the ruler; I am the TOTH!

Apocalyptic spell will stretch the space,
Seek the vengeance of those who died.
Follow the sign and seek for messiah,
That make your world revive once again.

In sea of blackness you will see,
What shines beneath the sky.
The colossus that looked at me,
Told me that I present the lies.

He's rise his hand and bring world down,
I see on eyeless face starbounded crown.
Where is not truth behind the space,
For so many strange contrasts in one human face.

And down the sunless realms of space,
The thought that conscience must embrace.
So world is just a big event,
In eternal waiting for advent.
(Of Light and Darkness!)