Transhumanic Hell

by Advent

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Brand new 'skullcrushing' Advent realise. The most brutal yet melodic album to date. Begin your journey to 'Transhumanic Hell'!


released February 26, 2017

Gweld Anobaith - E. Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drumkit.
Lifestealer - Vocals.




Existencial Delirium Records Russia

Existencial Delirium Records - independent net-label for interesting side of metal music. We are always ready for collaborations.

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Track Name: The Art of Recycling
Dawn is painted in a way, that you desire.
And your eyes see only that is now required.
They have created you; and took away your sorrow,
Be proud of future, that they will bring tomorrow.

As the rubber will stretch, your body tissue.
All of your cells shrink, but let it be not a issue.
Gone are your flesh and blood; now there is no end.
You cheated death itself; there will be no descend.

Skin of silicone; eyes trapped behind processor.
You are real god; not your worthless predecessor.
No one can blame you, for price you pay by soul,
You cheated life itself; and take from it all!

Prophets called for deathless; deus ex machina,
Takes away the sorrow, brings to you anima.
Mourning stands above us, everyone is frightening,
Act of being lifeless, art of the recycling...
Track Name: The Great Unborn
He is stand above the crowd;
Just a corpse and we are proud.
He is creature of new era,
Brings with future vengeful terror.

Quake in his step; unnatural depth,
Follow his gaze upon our kind.
Monster of sleep; hiding so deep,
Lurks among people that he can find!

Artificial cult of the dead,
Wires is plugged into our heads.
His name spread around the world,
But somehow will be stay untold!

Will be unborn live again?
Will be blood run in his vain?
But he's see without any eyes,
He has no heart but never dies...

Where is no broken bones,
Broken hearts or broken homes.
Where is just sleeples man,
Thing of pure night that can.
Nothing here to save,
What already set in a grave.
Crowd engaging around,
Going softly into ground...

Nature of thing tranformed.
Step to beyond preformed!

As time collapses and warps,
In the name of unborn corpse!
Track Name: Knee-Deep in Purulence
Be blessed the beviler - be cursed a deciver.
Corpses are marching - through shallow river.
They gave me their souls - I rise up the walls,
My dogma ascending - all that lives is false.

World becoming the oak - feeling subliminal choke.
We are blessed by the world - that we tryin to hold.
On the way to paradise - leave away your disguise,
Beneath my porcelain skin - all metal veins are thin.

This vision became important - nothing here to hide.
Happines is where no emotion - and no will to fight.
Our flesh is prime material - in a construction base,
Our mind is nothing specail - we are ready to be erased.

Stream of purulence; rotting bodies.
No ones know that they embodies.
Going further upon the stream,
Leave you silenced in your dream.
Getting cold beneath the rock;
Mangled faces around the block.
Empty places for living hell,
There's no suffer under metal shell...
Track Name: Man Made of Mud
I am the gore!
Leading to your core.
I am the gloom!
Leading to your doom.
Wireless devil's pray,
Is where you gonna stay.
Name your humble god,
Mad made of purest mud!

Undeath and isolation; Seeds of disentegration.
Toxic wastes of any kind. Gloomy graveyard of mankind!

I am the lore!
Where settled holy lance!
I am the war!
Set ashes to the dance!
Keep marching to the fire,
I am the wrong desire!
Delirium the manless;
We coming to the sadness!

Keep on burning!
I don't know where I'm going.
Break the construction!
Inflict the perfect structure.
Faceless future!
Immortals of the destruction!
Going down...
Lower then a shallow ground...

Merciless cult of purest forms,
Serving Earth of worthless worms.
Programm lead us througth the night,
Nothing left of life for fight...

Digging up right through the earth,
Everything is here to serve... YOU!
Track Name: Time Will Destory Us
Skin is melted down from bones,
Walking nightmares in the void,
Thrones is made by craked stones.
We are dead; We are now destroyed.
Flowers dies; and so we are;
Metal rusts in hundred forms.
Only time will look so far,
To see how stars will became storm.

There is no hope in been immortal,
Then even world has became a portal.
That leads to new neverending places,
Where you'll see million different faces.
Abandon hope on the way to temple,
Where sacred wires makes you mental.
But even then you do not protected,
From fate of flesh that you rejected.

Glance of death in your eyes.
Who will fall and who will rise.
It doesn't matter; no worth discuss,
The cruel time will destroy us...

No more humans; no more machines.
Where is bright future, the godless bliss?
No more bevilers. No more the lies,
Where's nothing left; all life is dies.

Track Name: Transhumanic Hell
Silenced down the last disaster,
Our kind so long now have no master.
The sleep is endless; but we awake,
We have no clue that real, that fake!

Sun in skies is going down,
But the landscape grim and frown.
Skulls with grins that have no tell,
Here, in transhumanic hell.

There is no will to move again,
All process stopped; eternal rain.
That never promise to stop in time,
Illusion blessed in vengful crime.

Crawling nightmares... Coming to get alive.
In the shadows... Like vile, dusgusting hive.
Revive the hopeless... Man who has no heart,
Extermation is over... Life return to start.

We have no suffering,
Among the loss.
Of our dead bodies,
Upon the cross.
The cross of future,
That we forget.
In lightless era,
Of our regrets!

The Shores of madness it's our home.
The ruins of bodies it's where we roam.
You coming with us; leave your farewell,
In endless cirсle... LET'S BURN IN HELL!