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Brand new album by Advent is a logical extension of their previous work. Dive into atmospheric journey of grim fantasy in a shape of doom metal!


released October 9, 2014

Gweld Anobaith - guitars, bass, drums, keyboard
Lifestealer - Vocals.




Existencial Delirium Records Russia

Existencial Delirium Records - independent net-label for interesting side of metal music. We are always ready for collaborations.

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: BodyCage
Time... Is split... It's always sneak...
Dust...Was coming... I feel, i'm a sick...
Shores... Of madness... Was passed by,
Every time what I blowing inside...
Only... attraction... Was seem to decay,
I always... Dreaming... Wish I may?
Crawling... Smiles... Adominate me,
I already know, I'm never be free....

Erotica... Vision... All of that gloom,
Desire to receive me... What i gonna doom...
Schizo... And names... Is built to fall,
And wings was reduced from my mutilate tall...
One... And of other... Be our price,
We never be know... What bad, and that nice...
Choke... Adjustment... You never forget...
Bring up your destiny without regrets....

I don't have reason, to get out myself...
But i was submitted by pain...
I don't have reason, to get out myself...
But my body is my cage....

What if i fly away....
What if I will never see,
Sunrise take me out of rage,
Because I'm in a bodycage ...
What wrong what good,
I really don't care,
I feed myself by food,
That made from flesh that everythere...
Track Name: Pressure
Each day, the clouds are gathering over me.
crooked eyes dreamily look into the sea.
Eternal smile never left my face.
But the path to light is infinite, like death race.

Pale, ashen color of my hair,
Symbolizes nullity. Look how I despair!
Failure to obtain the desired, burning soul,
But I can be strong, and take away from fate, all!

Seems what all is kind a fake.
All of that things, is hard to take.
But i will think, that all is fine.
When you're seen world from crooked eye.

One loving person in the world,
He is statue, his grieving heart is cold.
Nobody will warm a pegasus, that fell down,
Whose life has become a joke, as silly as it sound.

Only thin bubbles soar into the sky,
With a request to fulfill dreams, to stop being shy.
But the sky is deaf to pleas of a lonely foul,
Now she knows what fate has not yet been cruel.

Walk around and not see output...
False hopes and the word should...
Faith lost like the past...
Soul is leaked a terrifyingly fast...

Seems what all is kind a fake.
All of that things, is hard to take.
But i will think, that all is fine.
When you're seen world from crooked eye.
Track Name: Anthem of Regrets
You're playing with my feelings, which then lie,
You hypocritically destroying all that is beautiful now died...
Who among us heartless monster that replaced feelings in words?
You make my heart like coal, going against all odds.

You turned me into a misanthrope, my hands dropped.
This lesson was tough my kind, and I adopted.
It's not hatred, not anger, but indifference.
And one day, when you eat itself, you will feel the difference.

You're now ready for your destruction.
Remember its erroneous decision.
It's not about me and my thoughts, it is attraction,
Just when the soul dies, it drags the other.

After darkness will come.
I will absorbed with they.
It's not because i'm evil,
Just i want to live...
After sky will fall.
I will rest in nothing,
It's not because i'm dead.
Just i want to forget... This pain!
Track Name: Enchanted
Thing created from bones.
On a hilltop, on background of sun.
Grow dim of the skies black lines,
Beautiful creation will never be done.

Absorb, blurred and so lonely,
He knows that he is the Only.
Enchanted and looks like a dust,
His soul will vanish fast.
Downtrodden, forgotten but not loser,
He knows that he is the chosen.
Sky chose him at the pace,
Be eternal guardian of grace.

Taut skin and bright red blood.
Dead, нe created to be a god.
Severe glance buries in the setting sun,
He had seen the night, he is a wonderful son.

Unfinished, but such a real,
He can't see but he can feel.
The moss is grows into his skin,
He is not a saint, but free from sin.
Brimming with energy, but weak,
Weak and hrupny, but not sick,
Eternal guardian of sunset and sunrise,
Enchanted and always ready to rise.

Sun is risen...
And he arrive...

Awaken angel of distress...
And bones with blood will be his dress...
Track Name: Last Act of Despair
Vision fades away...
Every single day.
Try to force myself,
Against the wall...
But i know i'm stuck.
Paint me throughts in black,
Look inside and wait,
But for me, all is late!

Just bleeding kind of me,
Every day i submit to see,
How i falling into depth,
Searching for my every step...
Down with mindless sacrifice,
Filled myself with stupid lies,
Joy the death, and curse the life,
Cut my hands with imagine knife....

Fling over despair and dark,
My soul dessected like couple of spark,
Waitning and waiting for new and the old,
But I feel the resemble and furious cold...

Silent tear, pinned, screamless .
Like a dead pile, time, seamless
Silent tear . Human shield
Say it - you'll give me your skin...

Then let's started last act of despair...
And we will fall...
Then let's started lact act of despair...
Hear my call for you...
Track Name: Touched
Half-human, half-machine.
Full of fuel from heroine,
Automatic heart of glass,
His body made from flesh and grass.
Rotten beast of metal age,
Forever trapped in psycho cage,
Looking in skies and waiting for gift,
He's doesn't want to live...

Souless puppet, deserve to die,
All of his life is attemped to cry.
His blood is blowing in his chest,
And every day look like a contest.
But sometimes in his head the voice,
Submit this corpse to make a choise...
He open mouth, but silence so deep,
He just has been a lonely creep...

His mind is prey...
His blood is grey...
But voice is clear.
He's always disappier.
He's crawlin here...
Eyes full of fear,
And end up gain...
Forgive all pain...

But at this night, he's feel alive...
But seem that skies don't care...
Flesh grow on eyes, and soak in lies,
His voice is fall where nothing there...

Hollow sing, I'm gonna be touched,
Eternal wind was fly over me...
Death... It's just a nightmare i will take....
Destiny comes, and I always awake,
When I see how my live shine like a lake...
I think i'm touched...