Advent Legacy Edition's Promo '17

by Advent

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Five years ago history of Advent has began. With arrival of latest album named 'Transhumanic Hell' group desided to remaster thier classic duo of albums: Touched and Advent; and recreate debut album 'Creatures of Light and Darkness'.

With new gear and stuff and a whole lot of dedication, band brings the ultimate rendition of their sound. This promo presents couple of track with future rereleases called 'Legacy Editions'.

With old school style of 'Touched' sound, brutal and mosh of 'Advent' and modern 'Creatures of Light and Darkness', band welcomes you to the journey on in their first trilogy of apocalypse!


released June 3, 2017

Gweld Anobaith and Herr Akros - Remaster and sound engineering.

Gweld Anobaith - Guitars, Bass Guitar, Drumkit, Vocal on Shadow of Anubis v/2017.

Lifestealer - Vocals.




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Track Name: Shadow of Anubis (v/2017)
Чёрное сердце, вечен сей жар,
К тебе я щедр; Это мой дар.
Послание труп, наш мир услыхал,
Ответь: как долго ты смерти искал?
Я вырву сердце, что страстно горит,
Смотри мне в глаза - я гончая ада!
Ты уничтожен; Ты мой фаворит,
Нет в тебе света; Твоя то награда!

Пусть рыдают в страхе миры,
Пока Тот видит яркие сны!
Чело к небу ты вознеси,
За меня ты хоть дважды умри!

Всё ушло; теперь измучена душа.
Лишь я Анубис, смогу тебе помочь.
Всё пустота; Мир проклинает тебя,
И обрекает раствориться в ночь.
Но не судьба теперь твоя тюрьма!
Но не судьба, творит тебя сильным!
И коль мои враги бояться тебя,
Я награжу тебя, ведь я - всесильный!

Мертвецы внемлите мне!
Только я есть извне!
Скоро вечность будет моей,
Так восстаньте во славу смертей!

Я уничтожу, что я ненавижу!
И всё уйдёт; Буду только я!
Захватив судьбу, я предвижу,
Кто и как будет против меня!
Я буду править на троне смерти,
Кровь и ужасы будут со мной!
Я монолит! Я дыхание вечности;
Восстань же мир! Я потоп неземной!
Track Name: Pressure (rem/2017)
Each day, the clouds are gathering over me.
crooked eyes dreamily look into the sea.
Eternal smile never left my face.
But the path to light is infinite, like death race.

Pale, ashen color of my hair,
Symbolizes nullity. Look how I despair!
Failure to obtain the desired, burning soul,
But I can be strong, and take away from fate, all!

Seems what all is kind a fake.
All of that things, is hard to take.
But i will think, that all is fine.
When you're seen world from crooked eye.

One loving person in the world,
He is statue, his grieving heart is cold.
Nobody will warm a Pegasus, that fell down,
Whose life has become a joke, as silly as it sound.

Only thin bubbles soar into the sky,
With a request to fulfill dreams, to stop being shy.
But the sky is deaf to pleas of a lonely foul,
Now she knows what fate has not yet been cruel.

Walk around and not see output...
False hopes and the word should...
Faith lost like the past...
Soul is leaked a terrifyingly fast...

Seems what all is kind a fake.
All of that things, is hard to take.
But I will think, that all is fine.
When you're seen world from crooked eye.
Track Name: The Throne Stands in Silence (rem/2017)
Silently stands ruined castle,
He is still great and powerful.
In the long tangled corridors,
Any debris is looks wonderful.
At the heart of chaos stands the throne,
To pure amazement of mind, it is alone.
It is covered with a thick layer of dust,
Steel handrails for a long time has rusted.

Millions are looking for a ruler.
Wandering in the hallways like ghosts.
They came to ask him for the mercy.
He off somewhere when they need him most.
They never learn these truths.
Irreverence for the dreams of youth.
Lord of Darkness has always been there,
He is the Nothing that everywhere.

And no one runs away from him.
It is not the thing that should be seen.
It is not the thing that should exist.
And whole that castle just a mist.

Thousands searched for the true.
And prayed for the slightest clue.
The shattered to its own foundation,
Just a meatbag without relation.
But there's no villain, who will laugh.
In ringing sheath of visious abode;
Place is filled with the sounds of half,
In a place where will never be the road.

But the throne stands in silence.
Immovable and forever free.
It will waiting for his master,
What will never ever be.